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  • Nakasendo Route and Fuji Five Lakes area drive
  • Nakasendo (Gifu / Nagano / Yamanashi / Shizuoka) , Japan


  • Accompanied by English speaking tour leader
    Daily luggage transfer between post towns from Day2 till Day4 is included.
  • Walking along the Nakasendo route, one of the ancient roads, where many travelers passed through centuries
    We will walk along the key points of the Nakasendo route. On the 1st day, we start at Nagoya station heading to Nakatsugawa Onsen by private vehicle. The next day, we will travel from Magome through various post towns to Narai-juku. We will also hike from Magome to Tsumago over Magome Pass, and from Yabuhara to Narai over Torii Pass, where many travelers passed through in the Edo era.
  • Visiting Nakasendo post towns that retain an atmosphere of the Edo period
    Magome, Tsumago, and Narai, all post towns along the Nakasendo route, are among the most well-preserved old post towns in Japan. The movement to preserve old townscapes in Japan began with Tsumago. We invite you to stay overnight in the different towns of ancient road and take a time trip back to the Edo period, reminiscing about travelers of the past.
  • Admiring the highest mountain of Japan “Mt, Fuji” with autumn colors from various viewpoints
    We will take you to various locations to view the snow-capped Mt. Fuji. Visiting Niikura Sengen Park, known for its five-story pagoda, Iyashi-no-satonemba with its thatched village, Lake Shoji and Lake Motosu as well as Oshi no Hakkai, known for its spring water from Mt. Fuji. Mid-November is usually the best time to admire the autumn colors around Fuji Five Lakes.


Nakasendo is one of five major routes that was constructed 400 years ago as one of the major routes between Edo (Tokyo now) and Kyoto. During the Edo period (1603-1867), there were 69 Shukuba (post towns) along this route which ran for about 540 km (~336 miles) so that travelers could rest, eat, and stay overnight. During the Edo period’s heavy rain events, the Tokaido route was closed while the river was flooded and people were sometimes stranded for days waiting for the permission to cross the river. Nakasendo, on the other hand, had many steep mountains and deep valleys to cross, but people were able to pass without being stopped, so it was actually favored by many travelers, from the common people to the powerful Daimyo (Lord). Many of these post towns have now lost their original purpose and disappeared, but there are still a few postal towns that hold on to the remnants of the old days.


  City Summary
1 Nagoya
Nakatsugawa Onsen
Meet with our tour guide at Nagoya station at 14:00. We will head to Nakatsugawa Onsen by private vehicle. It will take around one hour. Relax and enjoy hot spring, local cuisine at hotel.
Overnight in Nakatsugawa Onsen: Hotel Hana Sarasa or similar | Meals included : Dinner
2 Nakatsugawa Onsen
After breakfast, we will drive to Magome and explore the post town with many small shops along the charming, atmospheric historical street. There are historic spots in the town where you can find various shops specializing in local crafts, souvenirs, and locally produced food. In the afternoon, hike the Magome-Tsumago Trail over the Magome pass. The trail is not challenging and well-maintained. The section of the former Nakasendo is located between the two postal towns, about 8 km long, takes around 3 hours to walk at a leisurely pace. Experience the same atmosphere in the way travelers of old did before.
Overnight in Tsumago: Nahayaor similar | Meal Included:Breakfast & Dinner
3 Tsumago
In the morning, stroll around Tsumago which is known today as one of the best-preserved post towns in Japan. You might feel as if you are in Edo-era old Japan. After that, we leave Tsumago for Kisofukushima by private vehicle. Once we reach there, you will be free to explore on foot the old town for the afternoon. We will stay in a lovely traditional ryokan with its own natural hot spring.
Overnight in Kisofukushima: Tsutayaor similar | Meal Included:Breakfast & Dinner
4 Kisofukushima
On the fifth day following along the Nakasendo trail. We will take trains to Yubuhara, where we stat hiking to Narai over the Torii Pass, one of the old road’s highest points. We will descend to Narai, another delightful postal town. The level of difficulty is estimated as 2 out of 5, so reasonably fit participants will not find it challenging.
Overnight in Narai: Iseyaor similar | Meal Included:Breakfast & Dinner
5 Narai
In the morning, visit Narai-juku and explore this atmospheric old post town. After that, for 2.5 hours we will drive to Lake Kawaguchiko, one of the Fuji five lakes. On arrival, we will check in hotel.
Overnight in Lake Kawaguchi: La Vista Fuji Kawaguchiko or similar
Meals included: Breakfast and Dinner
6 Lake Kawaguchiko
(Fuji five lakes)
We will spend full day around Fuji five lakes by private vehicle.
After breakfast, we will visit a number of locations to enjoy different views of Mt.Fuji with Autumn colors such as Arakurayama Fuji Sengen Park famous for its view of Mt Fuji and Japanese Pagoda, Saiko Lake, Iyashi-no-Satonemba with its thatched village,,Lake Shojin and Lake Motosu as well as Oshinohakkai, known for its spring water from Mt. Fuji.
Overnight in Lake Kawaguchi: Route Inn Kawaguchiko or similar
Meals included: Breakfast
7 Lake Kawaguchiko
After breakfast, we depart for Mishima station by private vehicle. Tour will end at Mishima station around 11:00 am. Depending on your next destination, you can take shinkansen or JR express train bound for Tokyo or Osaka.
Meals included: Breakfast


  Price per person
Tour cost JPY520,000 For group of 2people
JPY390,000 For group of 3people
JPY350,000 For group of 4people
JPY320,000 For group of 5people

Including :

6 Nights of Accommodation | English Speaking Tour leader throughout | Private Vehicle mentioned in itinerary (We also use public transportation in Nakasendo Route)| Local train tickets on Day4 | Meals (6 breakfasts, 0 lunches, 5 dinners) | All entry fees to sites, activities listed in the itinerary

Exclusive of :

Transportation to/from Japan | Travel & Medical Insurance | Meals not included in the itinerary | Personal Expenses (Souvenirs and Beverages, etc.)


Please note that the precise dates of autumn foliage are not based on forecast, more on our industry experience and may shift depending on the year. The more or less reliable forecast will be published about a month ahead of the trip start, in early October.

About Accommodation

Accommodation in from Day1-4 in Nakasendo route provide only Japanese-style Room with Futon Bedding. Some hotels have only shared bathroom. Hotel in Kawaguchiko is western style hotel with beds and private bathroom.


We will transfer your suite case daily(one suite case per person) between post towns from Day 2 till Day4. Please bring backpack to carry while walking in daytime.
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